If you’re ready to:

> overcome the overwhelm in your business

> discover your deep divine purpose, and

> create beautiful ripple effects of love & healing


~ let’s take the leap. 

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Ever feel like quitting your soulful healing business and getting a “normal” job?

Feeling so overwhelmed. You work damn hard!

And the more you work, the more it feels like you sacrifice in life. Your calendar is full and you’re busy, but at what cost.

You know you have a big purpose to share with the world and have no idea what to do next? It feels like there’s an invisible anchor that stops you creating in your business with ease & grace.

Well, I’m here to help you shake it off and shine bright.

Let's dive in.

I’m Libby. I’m a Divine Business Mentor, Intuitive Leadership Coach and Akashic Channel. And, I’ve also been a failed business owner, ex-workaholic, chronic sacrificer, hustle & grinder and spent my share of time feeling lost and overwhelmed. For years I chased the things other people wanted for me. The career I should have. The impact I should create. The relationship, rituals, business and hobbies I should have. Until I realised that by measuring my worth on the old definition of success, I was seriously denying my own divine gifts and blueprint. So, I ditched the ‘shoulds’ and I aligned with my soul.

Now, I’m here to help you do the same. 

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"I am so glad I decided to work with Libby. My impact has grown at a record pace, and I've been able to reach even more people than before."


Nancy Valentine Smith